360 Scotland is a specialist new media design partnership based in Edinburgh.

We produce screen based graphic design content in Scotland and the rest of the UK, and have been enthralling clients with our expert knowledge of pixel based content for over 20 years.

Whether it’s traditional Web Design, WordPress implementation, Content Management Integration, Flash applications, interactive touchscreens, 360° photography, Dataton Watchout programming, event & conference graphics, Powerpoint presentations or Prezi design - 360 Scotland has all the expertise you need.

360 Scotland serve clients in Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Lothians & Central Scotland – ranging from small businesses to international corporate clients. We also work business-to-business, offering our knowledge and expertise to other design agencies whenever it it is needed.

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How We Work


Web technologies move faster than greased whippets. We strive to keep abreast of all new developments, browsers, devices, threats, software, trends, and best practices.


All of our projects incorporate over 20 years of experience in designing and building on-screen experiences. We know what works and what doesn't work, what used to work, and what should work but doesn't


We don't obfuscate, we don't inflate, and we don't prevaricate. If your requests look like they could be costly but with little effect, we'll let you know. If your needs would best be served by someone else, we'll let you know and help you find the right people to work with.


When life gives you lemons, or a miniscule budget, lemonade is often the answer. Often, even the tiniest budgets can be put to good use. Talk to us to discover how to get the best mileage from your moolah.

What We Do


Web Design

Static websites, custom-built responsive Wordpress installations, simple holding pages, e-commerce, and HTML emails.


360° Photography

Fully immersive street-view style imagery, embedded into your site using HTML5 and javascript.

Take it for a spin


Posters, Brochures, Flyers, Catalogues - whatever your papery pursuits, we're perfectly placed to provide patronage.



From good-old PowerPoint to the new online presentation software like Prezi or Slides.com. Break away from boring bullet-points and step into spatial relationships.

About Us

  • 360 Scotland are a small dynamic team of programmers and graphic designers with decades of experience in producing screen based content for websites, touch-screen applications, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

    When it comes to websites, we have all the HTML and CSS skills needed to develop cross-browser and cross-platform solutions. Needless to say we have exceptional JavaScript programming skills gathered from over a decade of working on a broad range of internet projects.

  • More recently, we have gained a vast knowledge of working with various Javascript and PHP frameworks to quickly create rich interactive content. 360 Scotland seamlessly integrate server-side and front-end code to produce dynamic pages, and understand the importance of web accessibility.

    We are very keen to discuss projects involving emerging web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

    So, feel free to drop us a line...

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